Corporate Overview

The KHI Group has operated under a consistent philosophy since its inception, striving to grow our capital by utilising a risk adjusted, strategic investment framework guided by the following core values:

Strength Through Diversification

Though anchored to our strengths in property development and management, the Group has continued to increase its sources of returns via a carefully constructed portfolio of financial assets, allowing for more consistent asset growth across investment cycles.

Long Term Focus

A patient and disciplined approach allows KHI to invest counter-cyclically or in new markets to enhance returns and diversify risk.

Speed and Flexibility

The Group is held solely by the Hong Kong based Fu family. A non-bureaucratic structure enables KHI to act decisively when opportunities arise.

Global Reach

KHI has expanded geographically since our Hong Kong beginnings. Our property holdings have spanned several submarkets, including Hong Kong, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia, United States and the United Kingdom. Our financial investments are diversified globally.

Value in Partnership

We believe in the value of partnering with domestic market experts around the world. In addition, our experience and flexibility as a capital provider allows for mutually beneficial relationships.

Professional Management

Among our long tenured staff are qualified professionals in relevant fields such as accountancy, business services, property development, property management, and investment management. Based entirely out of Hong Kong allows for a collaborative and efficient management approach aided by continued input from our overseas service providers.